From 1962 to 2012 - Half a Century's Worth of Cutting-Edge Technology

50 Years for a new world of grinding

50 years of JUNKER. 50 years of innovative grinding technology. 50 years that JUNKER has been driven by our belief in the constant improvement of grinding solutions. Even in the beginning, JUNKER technology was usually a step ahead. Today, JUNKER is at the forefront of high-speed grinding.

In 2012, JUNKER Group is doing great. With nearly 1.200 employees, over 200 million Euro in annual sales, a high equity ratio and over 150 machine configurations to meet the most demanding customer specifications. JUNKER has had over 80 inventions patented. This includes trailblazing inventions such as QUICKPOINT technology. With these notches on our belt, the JUNKER Group can look forward to a bright future and has every reason to celebrate. JUNKER’s product range offers grinding solutions for small series but also for sophisticated production lines for mass manufacture. Both small to medium-sized businesses and global corporations count on the quality and capability of the JUNKER Company. Since 1962, JUNKER has sold over 4,000 machines throughout the world. Now, wind generators, solar modules, pumps and eletrical engines are also being equipped with precision parts ground on JUNKER machines.

The history of the JUNKER Group began in May 1962 with the establishment of company “Erwin Junker Machinery and Equipment.“ With just one employee, Erwin Junker started developing and producing grinding machines inside an old mill. The first ever JUNKER machine sold, a fully automated SJ IIa point grinding machine from 1963, is still in working condition and has found its home in the company museum.

Early on, it was clear to Erwin Junker that the national market was too small for his grinding solutions. He took many trips abroad, introducing his machine concepts to the world. The very first machine ordered the year the company was founded was already shipped to Brazil. Today, not much has changed about this basic vision. With our new locations in Brazil and Russia, JUNKER is now represented by branch offices on all the major markets world-wide.

    50 Years of JUNKER
  • Erwin Junker: Founder and sole owner of the JUNKER Group
    Erwin Junker: Founder and sole owner of the JUNKER Group
    Headquarters in Nordrach, Germany
    Headquarters in Nordrach, Germany

    “Erwin Junker Machinery and Equipment“ in 1963
    “Erwin Junker Machinery and Equipment“ in 1963
    JUNKER SJ Iia: The first JUNKER machine ever sold
    JUNKER SJ Iia: The first JUNKER machine ever sold

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