Grinding crankshafts of up to 3 metres with the JUCRANK 6XL

The new JUCRANK 6XL can grind crankshafts with a diameter of 350 mm, a length of up to 3 metres and a weight of 300 kg in a single clamping operation. Grinding in a single clamping operation and the extremely vibration and torsion-resistant polymer concrete stand allows the greatest possible levels of accuracy. Optimum dimensional accuracy is achieved through in-process measurements. The large crankshafts, which can be ground on the JUCRANK 6XL, are used for, amongst other things, ship and aircraft engines, as well as in locomotives and in general engines and energy generation systems.

Schleifmaschine JUCRANK 6XL

Your benefits at a glance

  • Maximum accuracy thanks to one-time clamping
  • Time saved by the second handling process
  • Extremely high vibration damping and torsion-resistant polymer concrete stands
  • High dimensional accuracy with in-process measurement
  • Oscillating grinding process offers great flexibility
  • High utilisation ratio thanks to long-standing experience with CBN abrasives

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