University Day in Offenburg 2011

The Offenburg University Recruitment Fair is very important to the JUNKER Group. The Offenburg University is one of the best institutions in the country, particularly with regards to its mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science programs. This means that the education students receive there is perfectly complementary to the JUNKER Group’s high-end products.

As in previous years, JUNKER had a great deal of productive conversations with students. The majority of the students were interested in internships and thesis projects in the aforementioned subject areas. However, many were also eager to discuss the possibility of being hired right after graduation.

As a technological leader in the grinding machine industry, JUNKER sees manpower as a valuable resource. This is why it’s essential that we present ourselves well on the job market and that we actively pursue skilled candidates. By cooperating with local academic institutions and participating in recruitment fairs, the JUNKER Group has gained an advantageous position on the job market over the last few years. And there are a variety of other headhunting activities planned for 2012, as well.

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