Maximum flexibility with CBN technology

Maximum flexibility when grinding lean shafts with highest dimensional requirements. For the past year, a Chinese manufacturer of tobacco packing machines has been producing small lots of over 1,000 different rotationally symmetrical precision components with a QUICKPOINT 5000/60.

High flexibility and the mature CBN technology were essential for the Chinese company. The exceptionally broad range of over 1,000 different work pieces with lot sizes from 1 to 5 (up to 20 at the most) demands an extremely short set-up time to maintain productivity – the key phrase is "plug & grind".

On a QUICKPOINT 5000/60, grinding is done exclusively between centres. The wheelhead has three CBN grinding wheels, one of them for thread grinding, which is easily interchangeable depending on the requirement.

Components that appear to be unspectacular at first, can be full of shape and positional tolerances as well as demanding reference dimensions. The concentricity of a 700 mm long and narrow shaft, for example, may only be a few micrometers over the entire length.

The unique QUICKPOINT grinding technology makes the required qualities even for the most delicate workpieces possible, by redirecting a large part of the cutting pressure in the axial direction (peel grinding with point contact). The required surface quality is achieved through a follow-up finish process that was developed in a joint effort with Supfina (Wolfach, Germany). The prerequisites for this finish process are easily achieved when grinding on the JUNKER machine.

Please also read the technical report from "Werkstatt + Betrieb" for additional information.

    QUICKPOINT - Grinding shafts
    12 / 2010

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