Complete grinding of cutting tools

The JUMINIMAT is a machine concept with integrated loading system for the flexible and productive grinding of cutting tools (Ø 1-8 mm) made from HSS or carbide. The abrasives are corundum or CBN for HSS tools and diamond grinding wheels for tungsten carbide tools.

Convincing grinding technology

Precision tools are fully machined from solid blanks. The tools are ground either unsupported or have a tailstock support. A swivelling steady can be used for support if necessary. The abrasives are corundum or CBN for HSS tools or diamond grinding
wheels for tungsten carbide tools.
Up to 4 grinding wheels can be mounted on the grinding spindle. The grinding spindle head can be swivelled 53° to the left and 105° to the right. The height and horizontal adjustment, as well as the axial infeed of the grinding wheels and the swivel movements and workpiece drive are CNC-controlled.


  • Complete machining of the entire cutting geometry in one clamping
  • Grinding of a diverse range of cutting tools with optimised precision
  • High flexibility due to short retooling times
  • All relief angles of the surface bevels are fully programmable. Only one grinding wheel is required
  • Grinding of high-performance materials, tungsten carbide and ceramics up to 8.0 mm diameter from solid blanks.
Grinding end mills with JUMINIMATGrinding cutting tools with JUMINIMATGrinding surface bevels with JUMINIMATGrinding face ends with JUMINIMAT

You can use this machine to grind the following workpieces:

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