We offer the following models for machining

Grinding crankshafts with JUNKER technology

  • Efficient complete machining in a single clamping
  • Trend-setting pin chasing grinding technology by the CBN pioneer
  • Market-leading solutions for crankshaft grinding

We offer JUCRANK pin chasing grinding machines, a multi-purpose solution for the complete grinding of crankshafts. The range covers all crankshaft types, from single-cylinder to twelve-cylinder. Depending on the processing type and requested release volume platforms and grinding spindle head versions are individually configured and installed for the various JUCRANK types. The pre and finish grinding in a single clamping not only saves us an enormous amount of time, it also offers optimised surface quality and accuracy.

Since 2007, crankshaft grinding has become even more efficient. The high-performance CBN grinding machine JUCENTER developed combines two machines with complementary machining potentials into one. Instead of linking separate grinding machines for various machining tasks, with the CBN grinding process the grinding of all concentric diameters (bearing and journals) occurs at one station and the non-circular machining of pin bearings at the other. This parallel machining is able to reduce the cycle time by up to 70% compared to single machines. The JUCENTER simply impresses with drastically reduced overall investment costs of up to 65%.

Technical reports

    JUCRANK - Two for six
    09 / 2005
    JUCRANK - Grinding main and pin bearings asynchronously at the same time
    05 / 2005
    JUCRANK - Grinding used crankshafts
    11 / 2004
    JUCRANK - Specialists among themselves
    07 / 2003
    JUCRANK / JUMAT - grinding crankshafts safely and flexibly
    08 / 2001

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